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Supply Lay Flat Industrial Hose Solutions Including lay flat discharge Large Diameter Layflat fresh water transfer hose.

Irrigation Hoses Watering Systems

Modern era asks everyone to live simply. Irrigating which becomes the important aspect of gardening should be done faster in order to fulfill the food necessities. Water is an essential nutrient for plants. Therefore, watering is the life of the plants. Dragging hoses for watering is a classic watering system. Recently, we use sprinklers for it, but it does not catch the wider field. Now we move to snip and drip water system which gives the deep and slow watering system. Irrigation hoses will be the complement to it.


Reasons to Install Drip and Grip

Although it needs special trick and tips to install, the functions are various and useful. Irrigation hoses will be put in special area and cut it as you need. Once the installation for long duration of use. Turn on the spigot and if you add the time, your garden could watering itself. Our company concerns it a lot. Therefore, if you install it deep close to the root, it prevents the disease of plants.

Trying the simpler watering system can be done by soak. Place it next to the garden and put the irrigation hoses on it. It is time to bed because the whole part of the garden will get wet of it. However, it is only good for the big and tall trees. For the short one, it is nice to use snip. Put the hoses between it and turn the water on. When the whole water systems are not suitable to cover your area, let use the classic sprinkler method.

Frac Water Transfer High Pressure Hose Suppliers

Micro Sprinkler

Welcome to the new duet of sprinkler and snip in micro size. As its name, it is only suitable for the small plants and seed. The flow control is yours. This is one of the economic and low volumes watering system. Irrigation hoses for this application should be adjusted well. Make a pattern of the garden or field first before you install it because there should be a clear concept of flow.

It is used for green irrigation too, but if it is not installed correctly, it makes flood on the bottom and dries at the top. It is different from watering flowers, you have to make the water spread well on every cover of flowers and make them look fresh. Riser pipes is a technique to use. Do not do it in midday and try to water them only 15 minutes maximum. The irrigation hoses for this case must stand up well.

Most of the Irrigation hoses are made from plastic and synthetic rubber. It must be flexible and support the use of small and narrow spaces between trees and obstacles. Sometimes people use it for outdoor cleaning, for example, is washing vehicles.  By put the spigot, the function of the hoses could change into drinking hoses. The spigot is aimed to avoid the backflow of contaminant.




The Hose Pull Traveler as One of Modern Irrigation Hoses

Fast and simple is the description of this product. Easy to move with no cable, can be shortened, and more fabulous advantages are here. Its automatic setting system offers the free time for its user. Just let it watering itself and do your other task.

Dragman Extra Features, Our Company's Best Seller

The garden and field do not only need to be watering but also to be fed. Say goodbye to the difficult slurry transport as long as you keep Dragman with you. Everyone can use it because it has a lightweight. It is designed with tensile stress and abrasive in mind. Even if you have a wide field, it is fine as long as it is more than 200 m. Its ability to dewatering and open pit water transfer are not doubted. Read the instructions before you go.

Flexitex Extra for Wider Spaces

The wider irrigation scope needs the bigger and extra tools to handle which is made by the combination of PVC and Nitrile rubber. It has to be completed by the UV barrier in order to give the UV radiation's protection. There is a strong bonding between the cover and lining which have a high-pressure rating. The features make it will not stretching after pull. The strength of the hoses is on its high resistance. However, you should keep understanding that all of them are safe.

Move on Flexitex Standard if you need the standard strength. The use of it is for smaller irrigation and slurry units. It does not a big problem for Nonpolar liquid. Just have a different on its major problem, both standard and extra have an ideal features.


Superman HVT

It is produced by polyester yarn. The whole process makes it has an ability to transfer liquid under high pressure. It is lightweight and based on its light design, everything seems simple. The main reason people love it because of its scope of irrigation. Flexible on wider field and small one make it totally perfect and useful. The fabulous abrasion resistance supports the deploys in rugged terrain.

Be careful about using it because there must be a risk for the wrong user. It is good to read the instruction and get in used in handling it. Watering garden and field are not a big deal anymore. You do not need to spend much time on it.


This hose are made of the same material as Superman HVT. Ultraman is better because of its wear and tear properties. The great tools in rugged and normal condition which has a high resistance to UV radiation, abrasive, and used chemicals. Ultraman is resistance to the fungus degradation and hydrolysis. This kind of hoses is the perfect tool for your field. Even you need to transport the slurry, it will be transported easily. It also good to deliver the fresh water and drinking water with its standard diameter. You may have the wider, but it is good to check the design and features of the wider one. Let our company help you to compare and figure out the most appropriate hoses!



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